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Djenaba Masquelier

Med. Dipl. Fasting coach

Six years ago, I made my first fasting experience. At the time I was not in very good condition neither physically nor mentally. I felt burnt out and various physical symptoms showed me clearly that I needed to take care of Me. 


It came to me that a fasting cure would be the best way to spend some time with myself. During a fast the body, as well as the mind, are purified intensively in various ways.


Whoever fasts makes the fascinating experience of how well you can live through your Self as opposed to living one’s life through the outer world.

Fasting Guide trained and certified by the German Academy "Akademie für Gesundes Leben" in Oberursel, I will be your common thread to guide you and ensure the smooth running of your fasting week.

What a pleasure it is to accompany, to share this rich experience with the persons, to listen to everyone before, during and after and above all to observe the powerful positive changes occurring.

This creates new self-confidence, motivates new ways of life and increases physical well-being. Walking during the fast, enjoying the surrounding nature, Yoga and Ayurveda massages, offer a good opportunity to throw off the ballast of daily life and go back to the search for your Self.


Jennifer Cateau

Ayurveda-Massage and Yoga

There are 2 pillars in my life: nature and natural health.

The first teaches me more about who I am, supports me and guides me every day. Nature is for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration, wonder, knowledge. With her common sense, she answers a lot of questions… for who knows how to look at her!

By health I mean a state of completeness at the physical, mental, social, emotional or even spiritual level. This thirst for discovery led me to discover, among other things, Ayurveda which is the medicine of India, and in particular Ayurvedic massage for which I literally fell in love. Massage is a unique moment of presence to yourself. It allows you to put down what weighs you down, to catch your breath and develop this awareness of the body and mind that we all need and that does so much good. It reconnects us to this interior pharmacy that we all have ... 


Passionate about Yoga for many years, I started in 2016 a 4-year training course with the Belgian Yoga Federation in order to spread this magnificent discipline. Because Yoga is for me a magnificent tool of inner transformation that everyone deserves to live!

It is with great pleasure that I will be your guide  on the path of Yoga, meditation and massage during this break that you allow yourself to be far from everything and yet so close to the essential: yourself!

"Be good to your body so that your soul would like to stay there" (Indian proverb).

Walk 'n Fast

For many, fasting is also a source of inspiration, a new start, or the perfect time to go green and work on yourself.

Fasting is surgery without a scalpel!

Our first objective:
your health, your well-being!

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