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uching or alcalin fasting

Fasting but which type of fasting?

It is first necessary to decide which type of fasting: the BUCHINGER fasting or the "fasting based on organic fruit and vegetable juice", the so called alkaline fasting. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you are not sure what to choose.

When deciding to fast, you should be aware of the two main obstacles which are the fear (your own, and especially that of those around you: "But you're going to starve!") and the stress, the real enemy of fasting, because it hinders the transition to phase 2 (from the third day of fasting).

The different types of fasting are the Fasting according to Buchinger, the cure for fruit or vegetable juice ", or the alkaline fasting called" quasi-fasting ", etc…

Nowadays, it is very rare that the digestive system is completely at rest.

The  Buchinger Therapeutic Fasting (by Dr.  Buchinger / Dr. Lützner) is also called "Fasting for Health" (i.e. permanent medication) of one-week duration, developed by the clinic of the same name, is a fast based on water, organic fresh fruit / vegetable juice and vegetable broth, without salt, possibly some honey, all representing up to 250-300 calories / day. These caloric intakes help to modulate the elimination reactions and to limit the inconveniences. This fast means the conscious, voluntary renouncement of solid food. For the body this is the perfect way to detox. 

The fruit or vegetable juice cure offers 3 juices per day. This supply of vitamins allows the body to gently detoxify while thoroughly cleaning the cells. It is intended for people who wish to maintain a food intake while offering a break to their body.

The alkaline fast lasting a week or two, is to limit the daily calorie consumption to one-third of the usual intake, or about 500-600 calories / day.  Alkaline Fasting is the gentle way of fasting. You can still eat, the focus is on seasonal fruit and vegetables, which lowers body acidity wonderfully and regulates the acid-alkaline balance of your body.This is an equally effective variant of fasting that allows you to continue eating while consuming only seasonal fruits and vegetables. 

The added fiber helps the digestion. The minerals contained in vegetables and fruits help the body to eliminate metabolic residues, the intestinal mucosa can regenerate. The whole body is detoxified, and all organs are relieved. An often-desired side effect is the loss of a few pounds.


Un peu




Dr. Otto Buchinger (1878 - 1966) was a military doctor in the navy during the first world war. In 1917 he fell ill with an inflammation, which could not be healed with the usual therapies. In consequence, a severe and painful articular rheumatism developed, which forced Buchinger to quit his service in the navy.

In 1919 under the guidance of the physician Gustav Riedling from Freiburg, Buchhinger tried almost three weeks of fasting. The therapeutic and medical success of this fasting cure was so remarkable that Buchinger from then devoted himself to developing his knowledge of the effects of fasting on the body.

In July 1920, he founded a hospital in Witzenhausen, and moved in 1935 to Bad Pyrmont.
In 1935, he published his most important work, entitled "Das Heilfasten und seine Hilfsmethoden" (Fasting as a method of assistance), and which has been the subject of numerous reissues since. Buchinger validates the effectiveness of therapeutic fasting, and highlights the activation of the self-healing powers of physiology when the body is cleansed by this method. He uses the concept of "purification", as a witness to many physiological processes favorable to health, active in the fasting organism. And he develops the concept of self-regulation of the body, a concept still valid in medicine today.

Buchinger is also one of the supporters of "lebensreform", for a "return to nature", and is developing his therapy in terms of nutrition and physical exercise. He describes alcohol and tobacco use as harmful (which was an innovative thought at the start of the 20th century).

He was also in favour of the notion of "internal hygiene" in the training of the mind, using "spiritual food", he advised his patients, for example, reading the Bible, psalms or works by Goethe and Rilke.

Otto Buchinger died in 1966 at the age of 88. His clinic in Bad Pyrmont was taken over by his son Otto (II) Buchinger Hermann Ferdinand until 1996, then by his grandson Andreas Buchinger.

Effet curatif

Healing Effect

  • Preservation and care of physical, mental and mental health (prevention).

  • Reduction of risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, increased blood fats and uric acid, increased blood sugar, increased cholesterol, etc.

  • The impulse to correct diet and lifestyle

Aliments préconisés


  • 250 ml vegetable broth

  • 250 ml fruit / vegetable juice

  • 2 teaspoons of honey

  • Lemon slices

  • Herbal tea

  • Water (Drink at least 2-3 liters)


The five pillarsof fasting


  • Spending time with your Self and discovering what your own body requires. 

  • Omit anything that is not necessary for life, e.g. Coffee, alcohol, nicotine.


  • Conscious and voluntary renunciation of solid food for a certain period.  

  • Absorption of fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas, honey, lemon and water.


  • Balance between movement and relaxation.

Elimination of Toxins

  • Boost the elimination of toxins of the intestines, kidneys, liver, lungs and skin.


  • Decoupling from everyday life.

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