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“Fasting of the body is food for the soul... ~John Chrysostom”


Fasting? What is it?

There is nothing to lose in attempting a fast. There is no failure, for even if you fail to achieve your stated goal, you will have learned and experienced much of value. 

What is Fasting really? It is more than just not eating.
Fasting is a natural practice done to promote healing, to fortify the body and soul, not to tear them down. In the animal kingdom it happens on an instinctual level. While we humans usually have to make a greater effort, it is still a natural biological action. Eating 24/7 is not natural. Taking a break from food allows for a rebalancing within the body, and within our psyche, affecting also our sense of connection to the world of spirit.  

What are the benefits of fasting? Hippocrates (400 BC) used to fast in order to mobilize the self-healing-forces of the body.  “Our medicine should be our food but eating when we are sick is like we are feeding our disease.” he says. 

There are many benefits to fasting, as it has such widespread effects on our being as a whole. Not just our physical bodies are affected, but also our mental and emotional states, as well as our feeling of spiritual connection.

“It was my first fasting experience. The beginning was a bit difficult, but we are well supervised and the complicity of the group helps us a lot. Day by day, I felt stronger and I left the retreat with full energy and much lighter, not only on the weight...”

Sharon D.



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